Who we are
Syrena, the Polish Song and Dance Ensemble from Brunssum, the Netherlands, offers a whirling and colourful introduction to Polish folklore. In magnificent costumes from various regions of Poland, Syrena presents a dazzling programme, that truly is a feast for eyes and ears.
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Syrena performs for a wide variety of events. The performances vary from programmes for weddings, receptions and other festivities, to long programmes that provide entertainment for an entire evening. The dazzling, traditional costumes from Cracow, Rzeszow, Lublin and Lowicz, to name but a few, are a true feast for the eyes. Besides song and dance performances, Syrena also provides for fashion shows demonstrating over 15 traditional costumes.

In addition to the adult group Syrena, there also is the junior group Syrenka. This group consists of children from age 5 to 14. Syrenka and its own orchestra wil surely sing and dance their way into your heart. Syrena and Syrenka have their own individual programmes, but they also perform together.